Text = Ambiguous

Excuse the short post.  One of the projects on my plate this week is an internal support system, from which requirements are being elicited from numerous potential users and business stakeholders throughout a number of segments of the company.  The requirements that we’ve created are thorough to the point of potentially being unbuildable, because they support a number of ways of doing business that are in place in those various company segments.

The business is challenging the strategy of supporting all the ways of doing business, since stremalining them might lead to a better solution.  The video featured here depicts the challenge of numerous stakeholders and business leaders in a realistic way, and thankfully I am able to state that we have delivered workflow diagrams to go along with the plentiful text-based requirements.

One of the things I’m trying to convince my team about is the advantage of delivering multiple types of models to provide several views of the requirements.  To me, it makes the requirements more consumable than simple text or text plus one graphical view.



~ by John Peltier on January 27, 2009.

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