ProductCamp Austin – Winter 2009

On Saturday, January 24, 2009 it appears that I will be attending ProductCamp Austin.  ProductCamp is part of the BarCamp family of participant-driven conferences, focused on product management and marketing.

Paul Young describes the experience of ProductCamp:

You head to the back wall and read the session names, offered by people just like you.  You recognize a friend-of-a-friend’s name who is giving a session about “Connecting with Customers.”  That sounds good – you use one post-it note.  You see another session about “Agile Product Management.”  Your engineering team is moving to Agile so that might be a good session to attend, and use your second note.  As you step back to consider your third note, you see a dozen other people doing the same thing, and people feel geniuely torn about what to vote for – there are so many good sessions to choose from!  Finally, you put your last sticky on a session called “Career Building in Product Management and Marketing.”

The conference currently cites over 156 participants including representatives from small startups to large technology players such as Dell, Cisco, and AT&T.   I look forward to the organic mingling of people in the product management field, to sessions led by people experienced in the field, and of course to the happy hour after it’s over!

Hope to see you there!


~ by John Peltier on January 10, 2009.

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