I just ran across an interesting presentation on the use of metrics in product management by Dan Olsen, which shines some light on the art of convincing the business side of the organization of the value of a proposed solution.  Though the metrics in the presentation are primarily website-related, including click-through rate and rate of registration for a site, the concepts are still applicable to all types of business cases.

Particularly insightful is the idea of graphing the ROI of various benefits in an attempt to illustrate the value proposition (slide 26).  Those customer benefits which have the highest importance to the user, but which have the lowest current satisfaction rate, may be the ideal benefits to bring to the table first, or as labeled within the slide deck, “upside potential.”

Have a look!


~ by John Peltier on December 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Metrics”

  1. John,

    Thanks for your post; I’m glad you found my presentation interesting.

    FYI, the videocast of my presentation is available here (where viewers can hear the audio and see the slide builds):

    Even without the benefit of the audio, you nailed the key point: how to think about the ROI of product ideas by relating them back to user benefits and satisfaction levels (slide 26). Most of the videocast questions were on that topic. I hope to cover that topic in more detail in a future presentation.

    Dan Olsen
    Olsen Solutions LLC

  2. […] John Peltier […]

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