Best Buy Tunes In

Best Buy is a company that has struggled with competition from Circuit City, H.H. Gregg and many others. They’ve also taken numerous lumps for their business practices, including accusations of gouging customers among many others. I’m happy to report something positive and helpful coming out of that company.

Best Buy has recognized an opportunity to correct one instance of a fairly common practice in the product development world: products with far too many features. Most new computers come loaded with tons of “free trials” and other applications most people don’t want and never use; some of us call this “bloatware.” Best Buy offers, for a small fee of course, to remove the bloatware from computers bought in Best Buy stores.

This of course leads to the layman’s question: Why should they have to do this in the first place? For product managers, it reminds us that we should really be focused on what people DO, rather than what they MIGHT do. Microsoft Office products are also victims of this mentality: Do you think you even use 10% of the features within Microsoft Word?

h/t Tuned In


~ by John Peltier on October 25, 2008.

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